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Pet's Rectangle Sleeping Sofa

Pet's Rectangle Sleeping Sofa

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【product name】: Series
[commodity specifications and applicable pets]: Common to cats and dogs
50cm----50*38*13cm is recommended for pets within 5 kg
60cm----60*45*13cm is recommended for pets within 10 kg
70cm----70*52*14cm is recommended for pets within 30 kg
80cm----80*60*15cm is recommended for pets within 50 kg
90cm----90*70*15cm is recommended for pets within 60 kg

Cleaning method:
1. Machine wash
* fold the kennel into a mesh bag and put it in the washing machine;
*using general detergent, clean at room temperature;
* dry naturally after cleaning, do not use tumble dryer, do not iron.
2. Hand wash
*put the kennel flat in the bathtub, use general household detergent, and soak it at room temperature for 5-15 minutes;
* gently squeeze by hand or step on it;
*after cleaning, squeeze to let the water run dry, and let it dry naturally. Do not iron.

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