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Transparent Backpack For Cats

Transparent Backpack For Cats

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1. Made of high-quality materials, durable, breathable and comfortable.
2. The transparent design allows your pet to see the sun and scenery from the outside. There are multiple vents on the side of the backpack to provide sufficient air circulation, allowing your pet to breathe comfortably.
3. Built-in safety lock mechanism to prevent pets from jumping out, getting lost or getting injured. The removable soft bottom pad is easy to clean and more hygienic.
4. The zipper is smooth, easy to open and close, and durable.
5. The ergonomically extended shoulder strap allows you to easily carry your pet. It is very suitable for traveling, hiking, hiking and hanging out.

Product material:
Material: Plastic
Material: PVC

Package Content:

1*Pet bag

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